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Healthy Pet Resource Program

PetSmart Charities

The Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA, thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities, officially launched its Healthy Pets Resource Program (HPRP) to pet owners living in the Central District of Pomona.

The Central District in Pomona is a 1.5 sq mile area that extends from the 71 freeway to Towne Ave, between Mission Blvd and Phillips Blvd. This area is home to thousands of unaltered animals and is a significant source of the shelter’s animal population. IVHS will be offering more than 800 free dog and cat sterilizations, vaccinations, flea treatments and much more to any pet living in this neighborhood. This program will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

All efforts will be led by our Pet Resource Coordinator Favi Leon. As part of this innovative program, IVHS will be working with community leaders and local businesses to spread the word about these free services, available only to pets living in this targeted neighborhood.

Free spay and neuter surgeries will be performed by IVHS. Semi-annual free clinics will also be held throughout the year and are open to any resident living in this community. For more information email hprp@ivhsspca.org or call 909-623-9777, ext. 633! Se habla español.