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Basic Care

Once you have the right type of cat food for your kitten establish an appropriate amount for each meal and how often it should be served. Fashion your kitten's eating habits around nutritional guides and the recommendations of your vet to find out which feeding model is best for your cat.

  • Free choice: Food is available to your kitten at all times.
  • Time-limited feeding: Food is available to your kitten for a limited time.
  • Meal feeding: A regulated amount of food is available to your kitten at specific times of the day.

Keep track of your kitten's physical condition and weight. Do this every 6 months and base a cycle around the progress you see in your kitten's healthy growth.

Another thing to keep in mind when introducing a kitten into your home is to make sure that your home is ready for a kitten. Clear your floors and open areas of paper clips, strings, staples, plastic bags and other items that could be dangerous. Make your house kitten-proof by keeping toilet lids closed and storing cleaning supplies and chemicals in locked cabinets.