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Training & Behavior

If you want a house-friendly kitten you need to focus your energy training it's habits to an indoor lifestyle. Find the right type of litter box for your kitten and keep it in an area, preferably quiet and secluded, where the kitten will be comfortable using it. If the kitten doesn't take to it right away, try a different litter or move it to a different area. Once you have trained it to use a litter box, any house soiling that occurs will usually indicate a health problem or confusion based on changes you've made to your living space.

n its early stages, your kitten will need a lot of attention. The amount of time and type of activities you share with your kitten will shape the way it matures and influence the type of cat it becomes.

Don't resort to punishment, scolding, or physical correction when your kitten misbehaves. This will harm your relationship with it and likely cause more damage than good. If you want to adjust a behavior, use a spray bottle or sharp noise to get your kitten's attention. Noise and discomfort will cause it to associate the behavior as negative but not harm its perception of you.

Good behavior should never be taken for granted. When you positively reinforce your kitten's good behavior, it sees a pattern and responds to it. The more positive experiences you have with your kitten while it is young, the more social and obedient it will be as it grows up.