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Seasonal Tips

When the holidays come around, try to maintain as much of your dog's routine as possible. This includes both its environment and its activities. Use decorations that are out of reach and that won't cause problems with your dog, such as things that can be torn down or broken. Keep holiday treats and table scraps away from your dog. These types of foods aren't meant for animals and can be damaging to their digestive system. Take extra safety precautions when traveling with your dog. Consult with your vet on how to properly prepare for any trip.

In the winter and summer seasons, your dog will need extra attention to stay both warm and cool. Limit your dog's time outside during the colder months. Make sure your puppy is acclimated, and if it is a short haired dog, consider a sweater for the outdoors. Outdoor shelter for dogs is essential. Provide warm housing for your dog in the cold months and cool areas with shade during the summer.