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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanks Giving Pet Safety

Turkey bones: Never give turkey bones to pets. The bones can splinter and lodge in the stomach, throat, or intestinal tract. Instead, provide chewing treats specifically designed for pets.

Holiday visitors: With everyone coming and going, watch out for open doors and sneaky pets. In case of escape, make sure your cats and dogs are wearing collars, current licenses and I.D. tags.

Alcohol: Beware of curious pets and unattended alcoholic drinks.

Normal routine: Increased activity and visitors over the long Thanksgiving holiday can upset your pet's routine. Try to keep your pet on his regular schedule for feeding and exercise. Provide a quiet place with a blanket and fresh water for your cat or dog to retreat to when the festivities get too stressful.

Kitchen smells: Pets' highly sensitive noses pick up scents before humans can. Therefore, don't be surprised when your cat or dog is underfoot in the kitchen while you're trying to prepare turkey dinner. Be careful with hot oven doors and hot containers filled with turkey drippings.

Sweets and chocolate: Keep pets away from holiday chocolate and other sweets. Be sure to store out of the reach of pets. Baking chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulant that is toxic and can be fatal to a small animal.