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Lost Pet

When you lose a pet:

  • Check around your neighborhood or wherever you lost your pet. Ask people if they have seen your pet. Drive slowly around the neighborhood (or the area where you lost your pet). Your animal may recognize the sound of your car.
  • Check all the animal shelters, humane societies, and animal control agencies in your area. Check in person at least every three days. Check the lost and found books at the shelters. Check the DOA list as well.
  • Post notices with a description and picture of your pet. Offer a reward (but do not list the amount).
  • Place an ad in the lost and found section of the newspaper. Most papers offer these ads for free.
  • Check the found ads in the newspaper - respond to any ad that might be your pet.
  • If a local radio station has a lost and found pet broadcast, notify them.
  • Make sure that your pets (dogs and cats) always wear current license and I.D. tags.
  • Keep current pictures of your pet for I.D.
  • Keep a written description with size, color, markings, weight and any special marks, scars or tattoos.
  • Make sure all fences and gates are kept in good repair.
  • Keep your dog in a fenced yard, and your cat inside the house.
  • If someone else is caring for your pets, leave them this information so they will know how to look for a lost pet.