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Pet Travel

Traveling With Your Pet
  • Visit a vet. Before you leave, have your pet examined by a veterinarian to make sure s/he is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Proof of good health. Carry current rabies and health certificates with you.
  • Travel carriers. Travel carriers or "crates" are useful when traveling by car and mandatory when traveling by air. They can be purchased at pet supply stores. Select one that has enough room for your animal to sit and lie down but is not so large that your pet could be tossed around during travel.
  • Check accommodations. Call ahead to where you will be staying to make sure your pet is welcomed.
  • License and I.D. Make sure your pet has a current license and has some form of identification, such as a phone number printed onto its collar, a hanging tag, or a microchip.
  • Pack well. If traveling by car, plane, rail or ship, bring along the essentials:
    • A sturdy collar and leash
    • Water, food and dishes
    • Bedding
    • Litter and litter box
    • A favorite toy
    • Grooming supplies
    • Any required medications
    • A first aid kit.
  • No heavy meals. It is best not to feed your pet heavy meals before traveling.
  • Include in the fun. Once you reach your destination, try to include your pet in your activities. Being locked up in a room or tied to a trailer all day is no vacation!