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Bobcat{Felis rufus}

Bobcats are common throughout most of the United States. These shy predators will avoid human contact when possible.

These cats are the size of a medium dog with fur varying from buff to reddish color. Occasionally mistaken for mountain lions, the bobcat has a short tail (six to seven inches long) with a black end, tipped with white and tall ears with short tufts of hair. These tufts act as antennas to increase a bobcat’s hearing.

These cats may be seen during the day but usually hunt at night. Their preferred diet consists of small mammals but they may take animals as large as deer. The females are exceptionally solitary and territorial. Bobcats and coyotes are natural competitors.

- Keep your pet inside or in a safe enclosed area.

- Do not leave any pet food outside as this may attract a hungry rodent, which in turn may attract a bobcat.

- Keep property clean and free or food sources that will attract rodents.

- Resist the urge to feed wildlife.

- Consider a deterrent that generates electronic sounds that mimic the calls of bobcats' enemies, for instance, the hiss of a cougar

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