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Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion{Felis concolor}

Although rarely seen, mountain lions are feared for their carnivorous tendencies even though they prefer to stay away from humans. Mountain lions are also known as cougars, pumas, panthers and catamounts.

Mountain lions are the largest of the predatory animals in Southern California. These reddish brown felines are the size of a large dog. Their ears are erect and slightly rounded, and their long tail is the most distinguishing feature.

Mountain lions are primarily nocturnal but may hunt by day. They dine on deer, and other wild animals including coyotes, raccoons and birds.

- Keep your pet inside or in a safe enclosed area.

- Do not leave any pet food outside as this may attract a hungry rodent, which in turn may attract a mountain lion.

- Keep property clean and free or food sources that will attract rodents.

- Resist the urge to feed wildlife.

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