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You Can’t Buy Love. But You Can Adopt It.


Welcome to the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A’s Animal Adoption Pet Photo Gallery.

Things to keep in mind as you explore our gallery

  • We DO NOT place any animals on adoption holds. This includes puppies, kittens, or other small animals.
  • Not every animal listed is CURRENTLY available for adoption or available at the time you are looking through the website.
    • Stray Hold
      • When animals come into our shelter, they are automatically placed under a temporary stray hold. This gives time to reunite pets with their owners. If an animal comes in with no form of ID, they are placed under a 3-day stray hold. If an animal has some form of ID, they are placed under a 5-day stray hold.
    • Protective Custody Hold
      • Our animal control officers work on animal cruelty cases that may require the removal of animals from properties. Sometimes, we house animals throughout the duration of the investigation. While these animals might not be listed on the website, please note that not every animal housed in our kennels are available for adoption.
    • Medical Hold
      • An animal may be receiving on-going treatment while they are in our care. Some animals are placed on a temporary medical hold until our veterinary staff clears them for adoption. While they may not be available for adoption, they may be available to foster. Please contact our foster coordinator, Natalie Avalos, if there is an animal you are interested in fostering.
    • We conduct adoptions on a first come, first serve basis. While we recognize that this may be frustrating, our main objective is to find great homes for our animals. If the animal you are interested in has been adopted, please ask our Adoption Counselors about our other animals. We have many animals that are looking for their forever homes and would make a great addition to you and your family.
    • Adoptions are processed within the hour that they occur. Please note that it takes time for the website to reflect an adoption that has been processed. Our adoption staff works quickly to reflect the change in status. Keep in mind that the animal you are interested in may be adopted by the time you arrive for your appointment or during walk-through hours. As a reminder, adoptions are not guaranteed and we encourage you to inquire about other animals that need a home during your visit.

This gallery is updated on a daily basis to reflect the current animals in our care. View available pets by clicking here or click the link down below.

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As a reminder: not all animals at the shelter are available for adoption. Many have recently been rescued and are on hold awaiting reunification with their owner and/or may be under protective custody.