Nursing French Bulldog Puppies Rescued following Police Investigation

May 16, 2020, Chino Hills, CA – Ten French Bulldogs, including five nursing puppies, were rescued from a Chino Hills apartment following reports of a disturbance coming from the residence. Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA (IVHS) Humane Investigators assisted the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department when ten dogs were discovered confined in cages with no water, in unsanitary conditions, and as possible victims of an illegal breeding operation.

IVHS was contacted when the Sheriff’s Department found nursing puppies, their mother and five other French Bulldogs in neglectful conditions while investigating a call regarding a disturbance and alleged domestic violence. The four-week old puppies and adult dogs were removed immediately by IVHS’ Humane Investigators due to the unsanitary conditions of the residence and lack of provisions available to the pets.

Each dog will be individually assessed by our Veterinary Team and will receive the necessary care he or she needs. All present parties were taken into custody and as of now, there is no next of kin to take in the dogs. A foster parent is being organized by IVHS to care for the babies and their mother for the duration of the investigation after they’ve received medical attention.

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