Animal Cruelty

If this is an emergency, please call our dispatcher at
909-623-9777 ext. 602


To report an animal related issue such as a barking dog, deceased animal or concerns about an animal’s welfare, please click here.

Responsibilities of a pet owner:

  • To provide a pet with fresh food and water daily.
  • To provide shelter and shade.
  • To provide a safe fenced yard or cage area large enough to be comfortable.
  • To provide proper vaccinations (shots).
  • To keep a dog, cat or pig licensed.
  • To provide veterinary care.
  • To keep a dog in a fenced yard or on a leash, and not allowed to roam free.
  • To keep as pets only those animals which make good pets and are legal to keep (no rattlesnakes, ferrets, etc).
  • To provide love and proper care (such as grooming) for a pet.