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For information about low cost vaccines, spay and neuter services for your dog or cat click here.


Why should you spay or neuter your pet?

Millions of Homeless Pets

In the United States there are 6 to 8 million homeless animals that enter animal shelters every year, and due to overpopulation less than half of these animals are able to find their forever homes.  By spaying and neutering your pet you are helping to limit the influx of homeless animals by providing a permanent, effective method of birth control for your pet.

Your Pet’s Behavior

Unaltered pets have certain hormonal tendencies such as urine-marking, aggression, and roaming. In cats specifically, the urge to spray is very strong and can be solved simply by getting your cat spayed or neutered before 5 months of age. While many fear that altering your pet will change their personality, these changes are the result of your pet’s loss of instinctual behaviors, which often yields positive results for owners.

Your Pet’s Health

Unaltered pets often have a stronger play drive and urge to roam, which can lead to fights with other animals and a higher chance of your pet getting lost. Not only do these behavioral problems pose a risk, but there is also a possibility that your pet could contract certain types of reproductive system cancers. According to a USA Today article (May 7, 2013), neutered males live 18% longer and spayed females live 23% longer than unaltered pets. By spaying and neutering your pet, you are making an informed decision for both the community and for the health of your pet.

Avoid Extra Expenses

At the Inland Valley Humane Society and many other communities across the United States, renewing an unaltered pet’s license is more expensive than renewing the license of an altered pet. Not only is licensing more expensive, but also the potential medical bills that are associated with having an unaltered animal.

Low Cost Clinics

Many animal shelters offer low-cost or free spay/neuter services in an effort to reduce to overpopulation of animals. At the Inland Valley Humane Society, we offer programs such as “The Big Meow” and “Pit Stop” where we offer local animals our spay/neuter services for free.

Still not convinced?

If you still feel that spaying or neutering is not the right decision for your pet, keep a few guidelines in mind:

• Is your pet a purebred, show quality animal with show titles?

• Does your pet have a suitable temperament?

• Is your pet free of diseases and possible genetic defects?

• Is your pet at a healthy age to reproduce? (2 year or older)

• Can you guarantee good homes for all of your animal’s litter?

• Do you have the time and money to commit to breeding an animal, including veterinary care bills?

• Have you found a suitable mate with all of the same qualifications?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider spaying or neutering your pet. Not only is this a great decision for your animal’s well-being, but also for your community.