Digging Deeper: Exploring the Causes of Doggy Digs

There can be a variety of reasons why your dog digs. Your dog may dig if it is left alone for long periods of time, if the area it is kept in is barren and without toys, dog is a puppy or adolescent without outlets for their high energy or if it is a herding or sporting dog since they are work driven dogs.

One thing you must remember, NEVER punish after the fact. This will not stop the behavior, but could worsen the digging and cause fear & anxiety. If you have tried the suggestions listed below and have found no success, please feel free to contact us for further recommendations.


If your dog is digging it could be that it is simply bored and needs some people time along with some mental stimulation. Simply having a large backyard is not enough for the dog to obtain adequate exercise. Walk your dog at least twice a day, enroll in obedience class, keep interesting toys in the yard such as a Kong toy filled with treats. This allows the dog to work for its food, thus keeping his mind busy. Provide an acceptable digging area, when the dog digs elsewhere, distract it with an abrupt noise and promptly take the dog to the acceptable digging area.

2. chasing burrowing animals

Dogs may also try to pursue burrowing animals living in your yard. This is apparent when the digging is in a path or specific area, as opposed to various areas in the yard. If you should have this problem, you may contact our Wildlife Officer to obtain humane solutions on dealing with wildlife.

3. To keep cool

During the hot summer months, your dog may dig near buildings, water sources and trees to keep cool. Your best solution is to ALWAYS provide fresh water and an insulated doghouse. Make sure the water bowl cannot be tipped over! He may also dig for attention if he is always outside and not made a part of your family. Bring him in the house from time to time; make him your Companion for Life.