My partner and I received our greatest gift from your shelter. We adopted our Indie on September 26, 2020 and our lives have been forever changed for the better. Indie is our joyful love bug, she loves to play fetch, go on walks, and fall asleep on our toes every night. She brings so much joy to the people she meets. Her perseverance is astonishing, her joy for life is inspiring, and she never lets her 3 legs make her feel any different from other doggies. She is always the fastest dog at the dog park and loves to “herd” the other dogs. We are just so thankful for our Indie girl. Thank you for all that you do, for saving Indie’s life after she got hit by a car, and giving her the medical attention she needed to survive. Without your help, we would have never met our Indie.

Emmy M.

We instantly fell in love with River Song when we met her. She was a little nervous to be leaving her Animal Care and Veterinary Staff friends at IVHS, but she has adjusted so well! Our two young boys love to play with and love on her, they've already become best friends. We are so happy to have welcomed her into our family.

Diana & Brian S.

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