I have been a volunteer at IVHS for about 5 years. I had first expressed my interest in fostering cats over a year ago and soon, I had 6 cats settled into my house. I fell in love more and more every day that I had them. It was truly a bittersweet moment when it came time for my first litter to leave. From then on, I decided to continue fostering cats and my current foster kitten (photographed) is a lone orphan I named Nyla. At first she was malnourished and wasn’t very active, but after bottle feeding and care, she is a playful kitten who loves to snuggle! My heart is filled with such love and pride to see how my foster kittens have grown, and Nyla is no different. I’m grateful that the foster program at Inland Valley Humane Society has given me the opportunity to experience such happiness in my life and provide the same for the little kittens I care for.

Erin R.

I'm MJ, the first ever Hot Mess Contest winner! My mom got the camera out and snapped a photo of me in my natural habitat so I could show everyone that they are not alone, quarantine made me a hot mess too! I can't wait to use the new grooming table I won. Thank you IVHS for putting on these contests so we can still have fun together, apart.