President’s Kennel Club


As a member of the President’s Kennel Club you will be among a group of generous supporters who share your concern for the abused, homeless and abandoned animals in our community. Your annual commitment to our work and the mission of the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A. will help us provide the best care for the voiceless animals in our community. Register to become a member below or contact our Development department at (909) 623-9777 ext. 686 to learn more.



All benefits listed in Steward, Healer, Caregiver, Guardians, and Humanitarian

Service or program named after donor for 12 months

All benefits listed in Steward, Healer, Caregiver, and Guardians

Shelter building named after donor for 12 months

All benefits listed in Steward, Healer, and Caregiver

Private phone access for animal-related emergencies

All benefits listed in Steward and Healer

Invitation to breakfast with the CEO

All benefits listed in Steward

Invitation for two to annual event of your choice

Annual name recognition on the IVHS & SPCA website

Name recognition on the President’s Kennel Club display at IVHS & SPCA shelter

Gifts less than $1,000 do not qualify for the President’s Kennel Club.
Annual contributions of $1,000 or more may be donated monthly, quarterly or outright.

Thank you to the generous friends who supported the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A. in 2022.


The Thomas Hinkle Trust
The Donna Jones Trust
The Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust
The George U. Smith Administrative Trust


Jon and Marilyn Fouch
PetSmart Charities
Petco Love


Jean Aigner
Susan Clendenen
Nichole Palmer
The Michelson Found Animals Foundation


Bernard and Barbara Bernstein
Judith Braaten
Roderic Graf
Janice Buck
Ronald Hamilton
Richard and Marilyn Hansen
Robert Kolesnik
James and Joan Lee
Doug and Nancy Lofstrom
Carol Nokes
Elizabeth Wysocki
Focus Wealth Management
Itzen Bishop Financial
University of California, Davis, Koret Shelter


Paula and Albert Cheatham
Joe and Rosa Denny
Kelly and Mike Golondzinier
Robert Grossman
Robin Haaker
William and Pamela Harford
Robert and Deborah Hinderliter
John Kinikin
Richard and Dorothy Magallon
Deby and Mike Boyle
Anita Olivas
Dean and Denise Pappas
Kanubhai Patel
Dr. Carol Scott and Bill Lingley
Timothy and Laura Vieyra
Terence and Rachel Winter
Best Friends Animal Society
Credit Union of Southern California
The Ethel Frends Charitable Foundation
KPRS Construction Services, Inc.
Pomona Feed & Fuel
RKD Group
Thornton S. Glide and Katrina D. Glide Foundation
University of La Verne
Vora Gems, Inc.


Nancy Adcox and Dennis Durnell
Andrew Alcala
Albert Alfonso
Karol Andersen
Lisa Anderson
Lauren Anderson
Orlando and Maria Atencio
Cheryl Barnett
Martha Bellinger
Kathy Bianco
Jason Boggs
Sally Boyes- Hyslop
Jeff Braun
Adam and Nikole Bresciani
Linnea Brush
Jeffrey Bryant
Reyna Bueno
Marilyn Bullock
Jan Burnett
Deanna and Bob Bush
Victoria Carmitros
Tasha Cedars
William Clippinger
Susan Colvin
Chrisanne Corbett
Carol and Gerald Custance
Karen and John Damico
Sharon Davis
Joseph and Miriam Davis
Caroline De Llamas
Rosa Durst
Eugenia Ellis
Don Fox
Carolyn Freeman
Nance Garber
Rhonda Gnecco
Marlene Goetsch
Allen Gooch
Lesley Gordon
Brigitte and Ernest Gossett
Cara Graf
Daila Gridley
Danien Herman
Barbara Hernandez
Priscilla and Carlos Hernandez
Marilyn and TJ Hewlett
Lisa Hidaybaca
Lisa Holloway
Sharon Ann Holmberg
Ye Sol Hong
Richard Horsley
Diane and Craig Houston
Edward and Kay Hoveland
Jan and Gary Hufnagle
Karen Imrie
Suzette Johnston
Bill Kezar
Corey and Alicia King
David Kiyohara
Richard Kleindienst
Darryl and Laura Lima
Charles Lofgren and Jennifer Woods
Sharon Long
Irene Madison
Paula Martinez
Jeannette McMahon
Angila McClintock
Wendy Meng
Barbara Murray
Deborah Nance
Maria and Jorge Navarro
Estelle Nesin
Patricia and Richard Pahner
Lisa Palos
George Petrokowitz
Judy Plessel
Karen Preston
Constance Price
Michael and Kim Ridder
Kirk and Diana Riehl
Thomas and Maria Roberts
John Robinson
Ann Rubin
Tiffany and Andy Scarborough
Walt Schaefer
Judith Schlothauer
Raymond Schmidt
Thomas Schroeder
Sylvia Shaltz
James Shilts
Mike and Ashley Shinozaki
Susan Spina
John and Clara Steele
Richard and Karen Strelecky
Stella and Richard Tapia
Norma Taylor
John and Nancy Todd
Eldred Tubbs
Arthur Valenzuela
Allison Van Lahr
Kurt Vandervoort
Judy Vickers
Teri Vieth
Prakash and Mala Vora
Judith Woodford
Xinmiao Yang
Richard and Robin Yochum
Amir Zand
Andreasen Engineering, Inc.
Athena Engineering, Inc
California Community Foundation
Dog Life Dog Training
Duke Pacific, Inc.
Hub International Insurance Services, Inc.
Ignite Design Advertising
International Technologies & Systems Corporation
Lone Hill Student Council
Merck Animal Health
Ontario Police Officer Association
Prince of Pomona
Sotara Manalo, D.O., INC
Syntech Group, Inc.
Yoss Allen Bernstein, LLP