Found a Pet

Let’s get Them back Home!

The Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A. endeavors to reunite the stray animals that come into our care with their owners as quickly as possible. Please follow the steps below to help reunite the found pet as quickly as possible, and get them home.


Your local animal shelter should actually be your last place to take a found animal, not your first option. Animal shelters are designed to be a safety net for sick or injured stray animals with no other option. If you found a friendly, healthy dog, what should you do?

1. Knock, Knock

Recent studies have found that most dogs are found within 1,000 feet of their home. Walk the dog around your neighborhood and see if anyone recognizes it. Most dogs travel less than a mile when loose.

2. Photo time

Snap some photos of the dog in good lighting and cross street signs or area background of where you found the dog. Do NOT alter the appearance of the dog by removing the collar, giving a haircut, adding clothing, or removing clothing it had on when you found it.

3. Phone it in

Since the shelter is the first place most people will go when looking for their lost dog, be sure to provide as much information as possible when calling to report a found dog. If the dog is dangerous or injured, local animal control officers may come get it. Regardless, be sure to create the found report and send them the photos you took.


Take the pet to your nearest vet clinic or pet supply store to have a courtesy microchip scan. If the pet is microchipped, talk with the vet or pet supply store staff about getting the microchip manufacturer’s information to call and file a found pet report.

5. Post the animal on social media

Facebook, your neighborhood Nextdoor, and Craigslist “Lost and Found” are great social media pages to start with. Provide as much detail as possible, any special features about the dog, collar color, etc. Post a picture showing exactly how the animal looked when you found it.

6. Get crafty

Create bright, colorful found pet posters and post them within a 1 mile radius around the area you found the dog. The posters should be big enough that people could see them passing by in a car, with large text indicating “found dog,” a basic description, a large, clear photo and your contact information. It’s best not to try to guess the breed, age, etc. in case you’re incorrect. Stick to colors and unique identifying features so many people will respond.

7. Can they crash at your place?

If yes, great! If after 30 days the dog has not been claimed by the owner, you can adopt or rehome the dog. There are organizations like IVHS & SPCA that will allow you to foster through them to help with adoption or rehoming. We are encouraging anyone in the community who finds a lost pet to help with fostering the animal first.


Post a lost or found flyer on our Petco Love Lost.