Surrender Your Pet

A trusted guide to help your dog stay at home – and out of the shelter

We want to help you in every way we can to keep your dog in your home.

Our advanced training partner, GoodPup, can help resolve behavior issues, provide understanding, support, and a plan to keep your dog a happy member of your family.

Please contact GoodPup before making an appointment to surrender.

We’ve seen some amazing transformations happen and we hope you’ll give GoodPup a try.

Relinquishing a Pet – Owner Release

For many people, surrendering a pet can be emotionally upsetting. The Inland Valley Humane Society staff recognizes that this is a very difficult time. Please learn more about our Home To Home™ direct-to-adopter program below to re-home your pet without having to bring your animal to the shelter.

If you are not able to use the Home To Home program or find friends or family members to take in your pet, please follow the steps below before contacting us. We first encourage you to consult your veterinarian for behavioral or health concerns prior to relinquishing your pet.

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